dregae (dregae) wrote,

SPP - More inspiration, and starting my dress.

Now that my undies and my mock up were done, I kept trying to figure out how to make my dress.  I had found the most beautiful black shot copper taffeta, and a corresponding heavy, gold satin, and I just couldn't figure out what to do.  I started out with the idea of a fall inspired dress with embroidered leaves and I went so far as to embroider some of the leaves.  I also made several yards of  bias tubing out of the gold fabric to try making branches out of.  When it came time however to start decorating the skirt, I started pinning the tubing around and found a completely new idea that I just fell in love with....... So with out further ado here is my test that I fell in love with.

Of course I couldn't leave it that simple!!

Tags: dress spp, inspiration, mock up spp, your wardrobe unlocked spp part 4
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