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Your Wardrobe Unlocked - Single Pattern Project

Well folks that is all.  I made this journal just for this contest so it has been a learning experience.  I never did figure out how to place things under the cut, so I apologize for any viewing inconviences.

Here is just a brief run down of my Entry for this contest. 
I added tags to each entry to make finding things alittle easier and they can be found on the sidebar to the right.  In general they are

Your Wardrobe Unlocked part 1
This tag is for any inspiration and general info about the project.

Your Wardrobe Unlocked part 2
This is for the Mock-ups of the original patterns.

Your Wardrobe Unlocked part 3
This is for all of the Underpinnings that I made for the contest.  They include a Chemise, Pantalets, Modesty Slip, Hoopskirt, and a Ruffled Petticoat.

Your Wardrobe Unlocked part 4
Mock-up of the overbodice, and trimming ideas.

Your Wardrobe Unlocked part 5
This is my entry into the corset segment of the contest.

Your Wardrobe Unlocked part 6
This is the finished outfit.

I am entering the contest as an experienced seamstress, in the most skillful workmanship category.  Now that I am finished I am getting excited to finally be able to see everyone else's entries.  I wish everyone the best of luck

Grace E.

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