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SPP Undergarments - All Finished

All my undies got done eventually, here are some grouped shots and a few more details.  All in all I am very pleased with the finished products, and I love the ivory, I am very glad I went the less traditional way.
Now it is onto the Corset, and the Dress!!!!!

I ran out of models so the modesty slip is missing.

Bottom edges
Clockwise from top:  Modesty slip, Pantalets, Petticoat, Chemise.


SPP Undergarments - Petticoat part 2

I finished amazingly enough without out too much damage to my brain cells, but what ever I did damage was so worth it.

SPP Undergarments - Petticoat part 1

I knew right from the moment I started this project that I had to have a fully ruffled petticoat over my hoop.  Why?  Either I have drooled over Gone With The Wind too many times or because I am a sucker for punishment.  What started out as a simple task, soon turned into 75 yards of pintucked ruffles that had me wondering what was I thinking.  I almost stopped at two ruffles, but I am glad I didn't, because I love my frilly petticoat.  I wish I could just wear it by itself.

Here was the inspiration

I started out with 55 yards of cut out ruffles, and ended up using 75 (two trips to the store) and a whole lot of thread!

My floor is getting eatin by ruffles!!

More later.

SPP Undergarments - Hoopskirt

Hoop skirts, especially the "cage" crinolines are something I make on a regular basis, but I had never made an eliptical one.  I didn't want to make one to different in size from the ones I already make, but I wanted to give the hoop that little kick in the back.  Here are the results.

It has the bell shape that I love, but kicks the back out perfectly.

SPP Undergarments - Modesty slip

The modesty slip which is worn over the chemise, pantalets and corset to prevent any embarrassing situations should my hoop skirt fly up. :-) 

I wanted to make this piece just for fun, I don't really need it since my chemise is so long, but I couldn't resist.
I wanted to make something inspired by this


Here are the embroidered panels.   I cut apart one of my trims to get just the sheer section and used it to connect the panels

And here is the finished product........

Yay, it turned out even prettier than I had imagined :-)


SPP Undergarments, Pantalets are Finished

I forgot to take pictures of the process of making them, but I love the way they turned out.  It wasn't what I had originally planned, but I love them. 


SPP Undergarments - Chemise

When looking around at patterns, I found two I really loved

I loved the button shoulders and general shape of the simplicity pattern, but I really liked the shaped yoke of the Laughing Moon Chemise.  Both of these are historically correct.

(See two quick examples)
Shaped yoke

Button shoulders

I just could not decide, so why not combine the two things I loved into one garment.  I.E. a chemise with a shaped yoke, and button shoulders.  Then came the big decision, what was I going to make them out of, how would I trim them?  I want to go all out on my underpinnings.  I dug through all of my trim stash and found some of the prettiest trims, all in a dark ivory.  They looked beautiful when paired with some ivory cotton, darker but a nice contrast, and they looked beautiful with each other.  So no traditional white undies for me. :-) 

On to my chemise.  I draped the yoke and I couldn't resist trying out my new embroidery machine on it. 

Well that turned out so nice, I just had to use that design on the rest of my undergarments somehow.

The bottom edge of chemise( after using tweezers to pick out a million little pieces of stabilizer from the back. 
Not the most pleasant task, but the results are even better than I had imagined.)


More pictures and info later.


SPP Mock-up second time around

My second mock up is finished with all of the adjustments.  It fits very well, but I am going to  finish my undergarments before I am convinced to cut out my fashion fabric.

On to the underpinnings!!!!!!

Single Pattern Project: Pattern Mock-up

I have finally gotten the pattern enlarged and put together, and now the first mock-up is made.  Here are the pictures, I haven't figured out how to put them behind the cut :-)

Here are all the lovely pattern pieces.

Front and back views.   I cut the pattern out as it was, as Lovise and I are very similar in size.  I did notice that I have a wider back so I initially added a few inches to the center back right off the bat.  The fit overall was fairly close.  There are a few changes though.  Ms. Lovise is more endowed that I am, so alittle taking in at the front seams, and I don't want my version of this gown to be so revealing, so the back and front necklines need to be raised.  On to my second mock-up with this information. :-)